The Altiplano is the largest plateau in the world. Those who live there raising Alpaca and weaving their wool are very spiritual and they believe the Altiplano to be the largest altar on Earth. Its high altitude creates a mysterious air, an otherworldly light and a sacred atmosphere that nourishes this 10,000-year-old Alpaca way of life. This daily offering to the Universal Spirit of the holy partnership between Alpaca and humanity is still enacted by the people of the Peruvian Altiplano. Caring for the Alpaca and accepting their gift of exquisite wool is a fashion ritual with an ancient lineage and a divine pedigree. Products coming from the Altiplano contain spirit from a world in perfect balance, protected by its altitude it survives and is inspired by its closeness to the sky. Immense respect is paid to the women weavers in these communities. The level of their skill is incredible and among the highest in the world. In both cases, the knitting is of the highest quality and Puno knitters are valued as some of the best knitters in the world; international designers have their high-end knits produced here.  In the altiplano communities, they say that to be a woman, you must knit. Although knitting was introduced in the colonial era, the Andean communities have embraced it and refined and developed it into a real cultural expression.

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