Our Partners

More than ever, the world needs greater understanding and exchange between cultures, countries and peoples. How the trade is conducted and what consumers buy can be a big part of the answer; developing and selling unique products that express the culture and creativity of different countries and peoples can build new found connection and appreciation for an endlessly fascinating and misunderstood world.

BRAND[TRADE] works in partnership with a cross section of producer groups from a given country to co create and develop product collections then launch them into markets with high profile media driven programs. The products, which we call Ambassador brands, represent exceptional craftsmanship and cultural roots and together act as a showcase of the unique cultural economy and narrative of the country.

To accomplish this, BRAND[TRADE] enlists the resources and expertise of designers, entrepreneurs, Governments, business and creative agencies to create new sustainable links to international markets.
Producers receive substantially higher prices for their creations than is the norm ( from 2 to 3 times sector average ). They also benefit from the creation of marketing and brand identity materials and a web presence that help establish their reputations, protect their designs and intellectual property and build long-term market opportunities.

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