The weavers of Catacaos are said to weave grass into silk using the fine fibres of toquilla palm. Toquilla is the name of a rare palm cultivated for its fine fibres. It is used by the master weavers of northern Peru, whose skills have been passed down through generations.  The town of Catacoas, in the Piura region of northern Peru, has been the home of a weaving community for centuries. This community of women weavers, deeply spiritual with exquisite talent, has been honoured by the Smithsonian and UNESCO for perfecting and preserving natural fibre weaving techniques that elevate this to a fine art. In the middle of the hundred or so weaving cottages is a huge earth covered mound called a Huaca, or temple. Its age is in the thousands of years. It is archaeology for the future. Peru is blessed with so much ancient heritage that funds for exploration are never enough. But one day the Huaca in Catacaos will reveal its secrets. Artifacts of the ageless weaving tradition of this area are sure to be among the discoveries. Each day as these women quietly weave their future, they seem anchored by this silent, earth covered monument to their ancestral traditions, the source of their skills, knowledge and inspiration.

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