About Brand[Trade]

Our goal is to contribute to the building of Nation Brands and help energize trade and understanding between peoples and cultures around the world.

In today’s multi polar, increasingly open marketplace, emerging countries have a tremendous opportunity to expand trade and build relationships around the world. Unfortunately, many trading partners and global consumers do not yet have a true understanding of these nations; their unique cultures, peoples, economy and capacity. This stands as a significant barrier to trade, development and the building of strong relationships between governments and peoples.

BRAND[TRADE] is a trade and marketing company that works in partnership with countries to design, develop, and market small producer product collections and media-driven consumer programs internationally. These integrated trade initiatives are designed to create greater understanding of the unique cultural economy of a nation and contribute directly to a country’s trade, development and branding agenda.

To accomplish this, BRAND[TRADE] also partners with other global development and trade institutions, leading designers, and creative agencies, media companies, retailers, businesses and NGO’s in order to compete at the highest level and build enduring links to markets.

Frantz Liautaud Haitian Ambassador to Canada

“Brandtrade has situated Haitian culture and history in a context of dignity and respect for Haiti’s talents…has brought some of the genius and heart of this great nation to the attention of Canadian consumers and Canada’s business and trade sector. I do hope that this BRANDTRADE program can be expanded throughout the region.”

Frantz Liautaud
Haitian Ambassador to Canada

Christian Paradis Minister of International Development, Canada

“Brandtrade ….. has taken an innovative approach to developing markets, and in the process has increased prosperity and fought poverty. ……..
The Haiti collection is a practical example of how cooperation with the private sector can help generate economic opportunities in developing countries.”

Christian Paradis
Minister of International Development, Canada